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Library Policies

What if I lose or damage an item I have borrowed?



Easttown Library customers are responsible for library materials while they are checked out in their name. The customer is liable for any item they borrowed that is lost or returned damaged.


When a borrowed item is lost or returned damaged, Easttown Library will charge the customer the retail price of the item at the time of purchase plus a standard processing fee. These charges allow the Library to replace the item with an identical or similar item. If a customer would like to replace a lost or damaged Easttown Library item, he/she must contact the Easttown Library first to get approval. Acceptance of the replacement item will be decided on a case by case basis. The replacement item must meet the following stipulations:

  • The item must exactly match the item it is intended to replace (i.e., same edition, publisher, narrator; unabridged book on CD; same number of discs; etc.).
  • Only new, unopened books on CD, DVDs and music CDs will be accepted.

Once a customer pays for a damaged item, the item belongs to the customer.

Easttown Library will not refund payment for a lost item if it is subsequently found.

Interlibrary Loan Items



In accordance with standard interlibrary loan practice, charges for any lost or damaged item borrowed through interlibrary loan will be based on the bill provided by the lending library.

Interlibrary Loan Service Policy

Easttown Library & Information Center (Easttown Library) provides prompt, accurate and courteous service to all patrons regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, socioeconomic status, disability, immigration status, background, and/or views. It offers this in fulfillment of its mission to develop services, resources and collections that meet the cultural, informational, recreational, and educational needs of its diverse community.

Easttown Library agrees to endorse the 2011 Pennsylvania Interlibrary Loan Guidelines ( and to follow the policies and procedures of the Chester County Library System in regards to the provision of Interlibrary Loan Service. Easttown Library accepts the interpretation that interlibrary loan borrowing and lending records fall under the legal guaranties of confidentiality as specified in the Library Code, Act of June 14, 1961, P.L. 324, as amended through July 1, 1985, Section 428. Easttown Library endorses and complies with the [PA] Library Code, Act of June 14, 1961, P.L. 324 as amended through July 1, 2000, specifically Section 428, added 1984, June 27, P.L. 431, No. 90, Section 3, commonly referred to as "Act 90", quoted below.

Library Circulation Records
"Records related to the circulation of library materials which contain the names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of the State Library or any local library which is established or maintained under any law of the Commonwealth or the library of any university, college or educational institution chartered by the Commonwealth or the library of any public school or branch reading room, deposit station or agency operated in connection therewith, shall be confidential and shall not be made available to anyone except by a court order in a criminal proceeding."

Approved by the Easttown Library Board of Trustees: June 19, 2012

Chester County Library System Interlibrary Loan Service Policy 

6/2013 AY

What do I need to borrow books, DVDs, music, etc?



A valid library card must be presented to check out items from Easttown Library. In the event a library card is not available, another form of identification may be presented. The customer will be informed that a library card will be necessary for future checkouts.



Customers will be informed at checkout of any overdue items or fines on their account.



Customers with accrued fines or fees in excess of the Chester County Library System limit (currently $10) may not check out items or place holds until the amount owed is paid or other arrangements have been made.



If a customer’s record has been sent to collection and there are unpaid charges in the customer’s record, the customer may not borrow library materials until all charges are paid in full.





1/21/2010 ajs

How long can I borrow library materials?

Items in the following collections circulate for three weeks:

  • Adult, YA, and Juvenile fiction and nonfiction
  • Music CDs
  • Books on CD, including MP3 audiobooks

These items may be renewed once for 3 weeks and a second time for one week. 

Items in the following collections circulate for one week:

  • Magazines (exception: the current issue does not circulate)
  • Rental books
  • Adult and Juvenile DVDs
  • New TV Series
  • Video Games

These items may be renewed twice for one week.

TV Series can circulate for two weeks.

New adult feature DVDs circulate for three days. These DVDs may be renewed for 3 days.
Items in the CCLS OverDrive collection may circulate for one or two weeks:
  • eBooks
  • eAudiobooks



A customer may not borrow more than 100 items at the same time from the Chester County Library System.

Chester County Library System (CCLS) library cardholders may place "holds" at Easttown Library or by telephone, email or online for circulating items located in any of the 18 CCLS libraries. Holds will be delivered for pick-up to the System library of the customer's choice. Customers will be informed of the availability of the item either by email or telephone message depending on the contact information in their record. Customers have seven days to pick-up materials on hold.

Renewals may be made 1) in person, 2) by telephone, 3) or online, with the exception of items with fees which may not be renewed online. Items which have holds placed on them may not be renewed. 

Reference items do not normally circulate. At the discretion of the Person in Charge, a reference item may circulate for 24 hours.

Under unusual circumstances, customers may request an extended initial circulation loan period for no more than a few items. Granting extended loan periods is at the discretion of Circulation staff and should not include any new items.

Fees are charged for adult books on CD, adult and children's feature DVDs, video games and rental books. Fees are paid when the items are borrowed. Fees for rental items will be charged to the customer's record if renewals are made by telephone or email.

The renewal policy does not apply to Interlibrary Loan items. The Circulation Desk must be contacted in advance of the Interlibrary Loan due date to determine if an item may be renewed. The decision rests with the owning library.


Easttown Library complies with the CCLS Borrowing Policy



 12/2014 AY


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