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Phone: 610-644-0138

Fax: 610-251-9739 (charges apply)

We would like to hear your questions, comments, and concerns. Please use this contact us form, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Easttown Library Staff:

Angela Brown, Head of Youth Services (ext. 205)

Patsy Cole, Early Literacy Trainer 

Marcia Fall, Head of Technical Services (ext. 204)

Mica Greene, Adult Services Librarian

Elizabeth Kreisler, Adult Services Librarian

Amber Osborne, Director (ext. 200)

Rachel Poliniak, Adult Services Librarian (ext. 206)

Emily Quillen, Youth Services Programming Assistant

Nancy Rosin, Director of Development (ext. 207)

Tara Stewart, Head of Circulation (ext. 201)

Jenny Tang, Business Administrator (ext. 202)

Audrey Young, Assistant Director/Head of Adult Services (ext. 203)