Easttown Library welcomes and encourages members of the community to volunteer their time and talents to enrich and expand library services. Volunteers are selected on the basis of need and they are retained as long as the library needs their services. Volunteers may be used for special events, projects, and activities, or on a regular basis to assist staff. Services provided by volunteers will supplement regular services performed by library employees.

Prior to being offered a volunteer position, prospective volunteers 18 years and older will undergo a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services, a Pennsylvania State Police Report of Criminal History, and an FBI fingerprint-based federal criminal history. Volunteers are required to renew these background checks every 60 months. Should the volunteer obtain clearances at another institution where they volunteer, the Easttown Library will accept the original clearance certifications as proof of clearance.

Clearances obtained for volunteer purposes may not be used for employment. All application fees related to background checks will be at the expense of the Easttown Library. The results of the background checks will only be shared with the Library Director, the Director’s assistant in the appointment process for the volunteer, and the prospective volunteer.

Volunteers are expected to conform to all of the policies of Easttown Library and the rules outlined in the Volunteer Guidelines.

(excerpted from the Volunteer Policy)

Adult Volunteer Application